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Bit Of Russian

After only a few months in St Petersburg Alex is speaking and reading Russian. He’s  so advanced he’s even learnt the Russian Alphabet 



A Field In England

Groundbreaking British historical thriller film directed by Ben Wheatley and commissioned by 4.0. We we’re really excited to hear about the interesting and creative way the film was released simultaneously over multiple platforms including; Cinemas, DVD and Bluray and video on demand, alongside being broadcast on Film 4. A UK first!

A Field In ENgland


‘A long story short’

We have a new friend, Emmanuel. He has been in the studio over the past month, working on a short animated film exploring the relationship between a boy and his younger sibling. We look forward to seeing this come alive !



A follow up on ‘Behavioural Economics’ We’ve been on a green screen shoot with Terry Jones and Bill and Ben Productions, working on multi media film “This Time It’s Different.”

We also worked with Jonny & Will. Cant wait to introduce you to their puppets, their hilarious!

TTID Shoot

Secret Screening

Justin has been on his travels again. Taken in Salacgrīva (Latvia) this photo is the setting for a secret screening of ‘A Liar’s Autobiography’ at the ‘Positivus’ Festival.

Funnily enough, out of all the screenings of the film, this is the only one that really touched a couple. We know because of the two lovebirds that were sitting in the back row, Graham would have been proud!






No Net

As our internet was down, we spent the morning in what seemed like the stone ages earlier today. It was back to basics as MV Studio got out that good old fashion pen and paper, accompanied with our worn out ruler and a rubber eraser.

As we began working on some designs we realised it’s amazing what you can think up when you haven’t got the internet to think for you. Maybe we should switch it off more often!


Beauty and MV

After nearly 2 years Made Visual and Volte are so close to completion with it’s fantastic beauty store based in india. Mumbai here we come.


Guess Who

Here’s a Rochelle, Surprise! Our budding young creative is back in the studio this time helping out on an Indian Beauty venture.





A Liar’s Wins Award

A HUGE thank you for the recognition received from the Jury at the Planete + Doc Festival in Poland, who have awarded “Liar’s Autobiography” the Best Art prize.

The citation reads: “The film captivates the viewer with its dazzling visuals, which are, however, not and end in itself, but are instead intrinsically tied to the story and convey its essence perfectly”.

A BIG thank you again to all of our proud animators and team!



We went to Norway and saw this. You should as well its stunning.

Norway_1 Norway_2 Norway_3 Norway_4 Norway_5