Boom, Bust, Boom, Bust, Boom

Do you get the sunday paper and throw away the financial section? We did but now we read it.  We have recently been learning all about the financial booms and busts of the last 500 years. Looking at human behaviour in the markets and financial crises of recent times.

Involved in a new feature film here at MadeVisual bringing in some new friends and calling back some old ones. Its been another long year getting to here and we are getting closer to the finish. Animation,  puppetry, economists and a python what else could you ask for.

Release : 2015

Director : Terry Jones, Ben Timlett & Bill Jones
Producers : Bill & Ben Productions
Creative Direction : Justin Weyers
Animation Producer : Justin Weyers, Nell Green
Animation Production : Made Visual Studio
Puppets : Johnny & Will
Illustration : Maisie Noble,  Emmanuel Edeh
Animation : ArthurCox, Moth Collective, Creative Nuts, Oscar Granse, Karl Vaglund, Letty Fox, Emmanuel Edeh, Jack Dawkins,


Skills: Animation, Animation Production