A Liar’s Autobiography Journey




This epic project started in 2010, when three directors approached Made Visual Studio about producing the animation on their latest project, the life of Graham chapman.

Fast forward eighteen months, and the work speaks for itself. Made Visual shortlisted some of the most interesting animators and animation companies, commissioning 15, giving each a slice of the 90 minute script and seeing each through to delivery.

Just to make things complicated, Made Visual Studio also taught them how to do all this in stereoscopic 3D.

Not content with helping everyone else create their masterpieces, Made Visual Studio also took on a section themselves, bringing to life a scene from the comic book hero “Biggles” for the film.

The film hits the cinemas in October 2012, but you can follow this epic making on Made Visual’s website of the “making of” at www.projectchapman3d.com


Skills: Animation Production