A Liar’s Autobiography – The untrue story of Monty Python’s Graham Chapman

This epic project started when three directors approached Made Visual Studio about producing the animation on the life of Graham Chapman in 2010. Fast forward and the work now speaks for itself.

Commissioning 15 of the most interesting animators and animation companies, including our own studio, we gave everyone a slice of the 90-minute script and just to complicate things we also taught them how to animate in stereoscopic 3D.

The film hit the cinemas in October 2012. Thanks to Arthur Cox, Superfad, Treat Studios, Asylum Films, Trunk, Cake, Not To Scale, Steven Lall, Sherbet, Peepshow, A For Animation, Beakus, Mr & Mrs Smith, Tundra* and Bill & Ben. www.projectchapman3d.com

Date: October 2012 Client: Bill and Ben Productions Skills: Animation, Animation Production